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Nov 19, 2006 | 00:02:33
Announcing JustLooking 1.0, an Image Viewing Program for Mac OS X
By marcwan
NOTE: JustLooking 3.3 has been released. You should really be using that version instead. It’s much cooler!

I am pleased to announced the immediate availability of JustLooking 1.0. JustLooking is a program to view images and pictures on your Mac OS X-based computer.

I pay for my own bandwidth, so please try to use the BitTorrent version of the download if you are able to—it’s a 1MB file and takes about 20 seconds.


Welcome to JustLooking, an image viewing program for Mac OS X. JustLooking is designed to be a replacment for the “Preview” application on your computer for browsing images. In particular, it has the following differences:

  • It focuses on files and directories instead of lists of files. Thus, once you load a file, you can easily navigate through all other files in the same directory.
  • It displays images at their native resolution instead of interpreting DPI information stored in the image meta-data. While images are printed at the maximum resolution possible, on screen they are displayed pixel-by-pixel.
  • Being designed more for viewing of Images, it properly shows animated GIF files.
  • The entire program can easily be manipulated and powered by simple keystrokes for a quick and pleasant viewing experience.
  • JustLooking also supports such basic features as printing and rotating and will hopefully prove to be sufficiently functional for most users’ needs.

It should be noted that the application is not designed to completely replace Preview, as there are a number of features in the latter that JustLooking simply does not have, such as selecting and copying regions, saving images in various formats, and viewing of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Requirements and Installation

Running JustLooking is quite simple, and the only requirements are:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or greater
  • 256MB RAM
  • 2MB free disk space

JustLooking is installed on any new machine by simply dragging it into the Applications folder.


JustLooking was designed, written, and partially localised (French, Italian, German, Spanish, and some Chinese) by Marc Wandschneider here in Beijing over a couple of casual months. I sat down to write it as a replacement for Preview, as I found the latter to rarely operate in a way that I wanted it to. I tend to keep directories full of images, whether they be traveling, family, or junk I collect from the Intarwebs.

Finder and Preview rarely let me select and view more than a couple hundred of images at a time, and I have large numbers of folders with more files than that.

The following people have helped with Localisation of JustLooking:

  • German – Stefanie Schau
  • Chinese (Simplified) – Emma Liu

More complete Italian and Chinese localisations are on the way soon!

Help us Out

Speak a language that isn’t in the list of currently localised languages? See some mistakes in the current translation for a particular language? If you’d like to help or offer corrections, I’d love the help. The more languages, the better!!

Coming Up

I’m thinking of adding the following features in future versions.

  • Image scaling improvements—Currently, image scaling and resizing is done in memory and not on the video card at render time. This will be the first thing fixed in the next version.
  • Info Dialogs—Support for viewing (editing?) the meta-data associated with those image file formats that support this.
  • Saving of rotated images—This will also require support for properly rotating JPEG images without introducing new artifacting and further destroying data.
  • More Slide Show Features—I’d like to support more features in the slide show.

I’d love to hear if users have any suggestions. Feel free to contact me with any features you’d like to see!

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Posted By: marcwan Nov 20, 2006 01:28:45
Hey Steve,

Thanks for the suggestions. A few of those were things that I wanted to add too, and just kind of left out of v1.0. I like the hiding the toolbar idea though -- I'll definitely add that.

When I left Winders for the Mac, there were very few programs I missed. The default system Image Viewer and IrfanView are the two exceptions. JustLooking is an attempt to replace the former, and I'm already planning on the latter ....
Posted By: marcwan Nov 20, 2006 01:30:15

Eeek! You found a couple little bugs. Already got 'em both fixed, and will spend a few hours testing the fixes out before I go and release 1.0.1. I'm horrified that I didn't find the second bug before -- that's some pretty basic testing I totally should have caught!!

I've never actualy used network sharing on a Mac, so I'm not surprised I missed the first. But now I've got all that figured out and fixed too.

Thanks so much for the feedback!
Posted By: marcwan Nov 20, 2006 08:03:44
I've fixed the two bugs that Bluemint found as well as some others related to operations on files that no longer exist. Not super critical or common, but good things to have taken care of.

As always, I'm glad to hear of any other issues people have.
Posted By: treycranson Nov 21, 2006 06:30:33
You should include a donation link somewhere that allows for random donations via PayPal or something. Just a thought. I've been looking for a program like yours for a while now. I converted from Windows earlier this year and I found the basic functionality of Irfanview and ACDSee missing from OS X. I'm not really the kind of person who likes importing things into data collections, so just viewing the directory structure I'm already using is perfect. I found QPict to be very useful, but even they have a ways to go before their product satisfies my needs. Keep up the good work.
Posted By: benjamin Nov 21, 2006 21:29:44
hola, nice app matey. very promising. if you finagle a few pieces o Irfanview over mac-way, you will have a nice following. this is nicely promising already. respect and good things on ya.
Posted By: Ernest Nov 22, 2006 06:42:45
Great app! I have indeed replaced Preview with it.

Would it be possible to map the 'Space Bar' to the 'Next File' option? Or even set things up so that just clicking on the image takes the user to the next file?

Scrollbar browsing though images would be great too!
The Orders of the List
Posted By: chumsdock Nov 22, 2006 16:52:56
Just like Xee, this app only sorts files by it's name, but I'm eagering a "date-modified-reversed" sorting feature which is more useful to me.
If you're reading this ....
Posted By: marcwan Dec 20, 2006 17:23:43

... Then you haven't seen that Version 1.1 has been released and you should be downloading that instead !!! :-).

Lots of new goodies and other fun features !!!
Posted By: Chris Feb 02, 2007 22:02:20
I'd love for the app to stay open (or have that option in the preferences) to reduce the time to view an image, instead of having to relaunch everytime. Running an older G5, so that would save a few seconds. Also, left and right arrows to navigate would be awesome. Thanks!
G5s aren't that bad?
Posted By: marcwan Feb 03, 2007 08:33:19

I developed and ran JustLooking for the most part on my Powerbook G4, so I'd imagine that a G5 can't be that bad!

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by keeping the app open? You always have the choice to just not exit it and hide it or something. Or is there some other usage that you're thinking about?
Posted By: Anders Dam Feb 23, 2007 15:18:29

Still a very nice prog. Thanks a bunch!

Suggestion: Graphic work! It looks non-slick in any good sense. I'd like the polished steel osx touch, icons included

If I were just the slightest bit better in graphics for mac, I'd offer my time and effort.

Posted By: marcwan Feb 23, 2007 21:20:13
Hey Anders!

Thanks for the comments!

I agree: JustLooking 1.x is functionally what I want, but is uglier than sin.

I am -amost- done version 2.0 of it, and it looks muuuuuuch nicer. Some people on the net suggested some improvements to the UI, and I've implemented some of these and a lot of other new things. Maybe I should do a little preview post of it sometime this weekend. I hope to have it done within two weeks.

Any suggestions and feedback are always welcome!
Arrow Keys Please
Posted By: rantdepot Mar 04, 2007 11:48:15
I would third the suggestion of using Left/Right arrow keys for navigation as opposed to a shortcut that requires a modifier.

Great program!
Arrow Keys
Posted By: marcwan Mar 04, 2007 17:31:53


The arrow keys should be working since version 1.1. Are you using that, or still using 1.0 ?? If you're using 1.1 and the left/right arrow keys don't work, could you tell me what kind of mac you're using? I thought I saw this once on a 12" PB G4, but I gave that machine to my sister and haven't been able to check since. It works fine on my 15" PB G4 ...

thanks for the feedback.
No Seeders?
Posted By: marcwan Mar 06, 2007 16:54:47

My program says it's seeding right now. Will have to test that out :-/.

New Version will be up in a couple of days, so hopefully that'll fix things quickly.

Thanks for pointing that out!.
handy app!
Posted By: marcwan Mar 08, 2007 18:06:43
don't forget to check out newer versions! 1.1 is the latest, and 2.0 will be released either today or tomorrow !

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