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Jun 19, 2009 | 22:07:00
JustLooking 3.3 (Mac Image Viewer) now available for Download
By marcwan

Visit the JustLooking home page

I am thrilled to announce the immediate availability of JustLooking 3.3.2. JustLooking is a program to view pictures and images on your Mac OS X (Tiger or newer) based computer. JustLooking is a Universal Binary, and can be run on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. The program is and will always be very free

Version 3.3.2 of JustLooking is the best version yet, and contains some massive changes and improvements over previous versions:

  • Switching between images is significantly smoother and less jerky than before.
  • Images can now be sorted by the same order as “Finder”, or by date, with support for reverse sorting.
  • Shuffle mode for full screen slide show.
  • You can now rename files or move them to a different folder
  • When you ‘save as’ or move an image to a different directory, you can now tell JustLooking not to switch folders and reload the file list.
  • Image properties and meta data (i.e. Exif) are now properly saved along with files. Colour Profiles are also correctly managed now.
  • Zooming is fixed to be a bit less unpredictable
  • File resizing and saving is also much better than before, although, due to limitations in the CoreImage filters I’m using for resizing, still not perfect. The huge white lines seen in previous versions after resizing are now gone, but there are still some unfortunate artifacts on occasion. I will completely rewrite this code for the 4.0 series of JustLooking.
  • The JustLooking application icon looks less horrible now.
  • New Slovakian translation!

JustLooking 3.3 ships in the following languages:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Slovenian
  • Polish
  • Korean
  • Catalàn
  • Finnish
  • German
  • Slovakian (new!)
  • Turkish (new!)
  • Croatian (new!)

Swedish, Russian, Traditional Chinese, and Norwegian have not been included in this version as they are getting too out of date now.

Feedback and Bug Reports

I will soon begin work on 4.0, although I have a full time job now (gotta pay the bills, y’see), so the progress will be a bit slower again. If you have any feature requests, please do let me know, and I will endeavour to add them.

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Excellent software
Posted By: Shelley Powers Jun 27, 2009 10:21:49
Excellent software, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
Add More than One Picture Folder at a time feature...(read sub-folders)
Posted By: Folder Guy Jun 27, 2009 13:59:58
I truly appreciate your hard work with this cool application! Cheers! I always look forward to updates to this app with excitement hoping to find the one feature that is missing and I'm most interested in. I have written about it for the past but still haven't seen it implemented. I hope it's not too much to ask for.

>> I would like to be able to add more than 1 picture folder at a time and have it read folder within folders too.

If you have 10 sets of folders, each set different, and you drag all of them, unfortunately only the top 1 folder is read...also if you have a master picture folder with several different sub-folders of pics and you drag the master folder in, it will not accept it.

I have so many sub-category folders within master folders...I'd like to be able to just use master folders and have the ability to read all sub-folders too, instead of just 1 folder at a time.

Hope to see a quick 3.3.1 update with this ;) -I'd be so grateful!! Thanks!
Marc, You could be for a big one here!
Posted By: Erik Hoffman Aug 04, 2009 17:12:29
Hi Marc,

Mac user are looking for this one for years, fast and furious!
I used to use ACDSee which is the best but sadley no longer for mac, even Adobe bridge is slow with thumbnail - how can you display them so fast, Adobe Bridge uses Bridgecache to remember the thumbnails but still slow, and beside not many have Adobe Photoshop.
A few extra will be brilliant such as a drag hand when enlarge so you can click with the mouse on the foto and drag it once it is larger.
Further more can we have on one side of the thumbnails a folder box so we dont have to go to Finder,
plus goback to the privious folder
Right click should give you some options such as openwith or delete or move and so and so,

Look at ACDSee and if you can do similar I would pay £50-100 for the new JustLooking,
You never know it could be the new standard Mac Photo viewer everywhere, and you will be very rich?

Good luck - I love it, using it all the time

Erik Hoffman
Marc, You could be for a big one here!
Posted By: Erik Hoffman Aug 04, 2009 17:16:32
Forgot to ask for selecting multiple thumbnails for resizing - a must
Posted By: bfk Aug 12, 2009 16:38:10
There's a Menu Item for Rename/Move...but it only seems to Rename.

A way to Move files would be good.

Also, the previous post about "Add More than One Picture Folder at a time feature...(read sub-folders)" is a good point. This would make your nice little program far more valuable in my everyday use.
Posted By: marcwan Sep 12, 2009 06:16:40
Freaky! That's terrible news. If you could try to remember what you did to cause it, i'd appreciate it.

To reset, just delete ~/Library/Preferences/com.chipmunkninja.JustLooking.plist

(in Finder you can browse to Library/Preferences in your home dir and then delete that file).

better than xee
Posted By: website seals Sep 25, 2009 13:30:32
thanks Marc! I was using xee, but it was so slow to display images. I used to wait just 5 seconds to load up the first picture in a folder, and that's 5 seconds too slow for me - justlooking does it instantly. Love the fading effects that justlooking has too! Appreciate your hard work!
Posted By: Jerry Spiller Oct 05, 2009 14:50:21
Hi, Marc. Love the program, but unfortunately I've been having similar issues to Joe's above for the last few versions. No images show anymore on my Macbook running 10.5.8 or iBook running 10.4.11. I've reinstalled a few times and deleted the plist, too. No idea what's causing it to bonk, but come to think of it, the issue may have started about the time I changed my Preferences (background color to white in both).

Update as I type: I just noticed that if I go back in and start changing the background color, parts of the image start to appear. The (still partial) images are so slow to load that the slideshow doesn't work. Kinda hangs up with part of the first image and part of the second.

Wish I could give more info. Thanks for the app and your hard work, in any case.
Thank you!
Posted By: AAA Oct 07, 2009 20:57:50
Thank you for this software.

I have written a post praising it, and why it rules.

Once again, Justlooking gave me what I was looking for.
Custom Slide Display
Posted By: marcwan Aug 02, 2010 09:30:05
If you're feeling adventurous, you could actually get a ten minute delay in teh current version of JustLooking by going and manually editing ~/Library/Preferences/com.chipmunkninja.JustLooking.plist … Just change the "SlideShowDelay" to 600 (seconds) and you'll be good!

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