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May 30, 2006 | 06:33:54
New Chipmunk Ninja Blogging Engine Online!
By marcwan

Sorry for the long pause in updating. I have spent the last couple of months writing a new blogging engine to power the Chipmunk Ninja web site. The problem with comments and extremely annoying process via which I would post new articles was getting to be a real problem.

The new system, while superficially quite similar to the old one, has a number of major new features:

  • A whole new Textile-based article entry system, which lets me trivially edit, update, and add articles.
  • An Ajax commenting system … Comments are now added asynchronously via Ajax. It’s quite cool.
  • I have a comment approval system, via which I can now see all comments added and choose which ones are to be shown. and which ones are not. My previous (rather ghetto) attempts at avoiding Spam-bots were totally feeble.
  • The entire package has been written with redistribution and powering other web sites in mind.
  • I’ve written a low-level PHP framework, and based the blogging system on that. I will hopefully release that in the near future too.
  • I have finally fixed up the DNS so that you can just type in instead of having to type in That was pure and simple incompetence on my part.

While these features are available in other blogging engines, and probably not new to most users, it’s been fun and educational for me to sit down and write them all myself. I’ve done a bunch of Ajax stuff in the past, and have had some time to truly streamline and get comfortable with a lot of tricks and traps.

If you have any questions or comments about the system, or if you see anything visibly wrong, please drop me a line.

Thanks again for your patience!

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