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Aug 25, 2008 | 04:53:48
PHP Programming in Mumbai
By marcwan

And so it came to pass that I was wandering around downtown Mumbai the other day, purchasing a new Canon snapshot camera, since mine had mysteriously gone missing upon my arrival in Mumbai (mysteriously = I left it on the seat of the taxi from the airport to the hostel). In this neighbourhood, near Victoria Terminus (or VT), I just so happened to run into a number of computer book stores. I made a point of popping in and seeing what sort of PHP books they had.

The answer was: not many. This country is mostly a Microsoft shop, with a few Java people here and there.

But in one store, I did manage to find they had a “low price edition” of my book, which I knew had been published. 30-50$ USD for a book in India is outragageously expensive, so publishers print copies of the exact same book on cheap newsprint paper, and sell them for 10-12$ USD (500 Rs or so) instead.

So, I asked the kind guy who runs the store to take a photo of me with my book, and he was more than happy to oblige, in return for an autograph. I’m famous, hahah!

Marc with his book in downtown Mumbai

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Posted By: Tim Fletcher Oct 25, 2008 07:50:37
Hahah!!! That's great! I've been backpacking in Mumbai and I ended up buying a cut-price book on PHP in New Delhi. Mumbai was the first place I travelled to out of the UK. Bit of a baptism of fire but that's the best way I think! Interesting place, India. So much history esp. the colonial stuff. That which is not falling apart that is... It'll be interesting to see how they get on with their smoking ban. Did they ban paan too? It'd be nice not to see red spit covering everything!

Your book's great by the way. Keep up the good work!
Great Food in Mumbai
Posted By: marcwan Oct 26, 2008 00:27:30
If you're still in Mumbai, find your way up to King's Circle in Matunga, a huge traffic roundabout, where there are a bunch of spectacular South Indian Restaurants -- Mysore Cafe is my favourite, but Cafe Madras is also excellent. Order some Idli, a dosa, and a filter coffee ... might be the best meal ever.

The big thing in Mumbai right is whether signs should have more Maharati or English on them ... Poverty? Disease? Filth? Not until we've tackled the pressing the Maharati Issue!!!!
Posted By: marcwan Oct 30, 2008 00:53:55
Yah that probably was me - I've been hanging out there a bunch recently.

Sadly, it's gone now - my friend and I just went there about half an hour ago, and it's totally gone!!

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