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Apr 28, 2008 | 19:06:28
PHP SimpleDB 0.9.1 - A Parallelizing Client Library for Amazon's SimpleDB Service in PHP5
By marcwan

I am please to announce the release of SimpleDB 0.9.1, yet another SimpleDB client for PHP. It was designed with the following in mind:

  • bulk query and attribute fetching operations
  • bulk upload operations (PutAttributes)
  • fast execution of as many queries as possible
  • proper understandable return values
  • proper and clean exception generation
  • providing command line utilities to view and manipulate SimpleDB Domains, Items, and Attributes.
  • the ability to set domain prefixes for site testing / development

This SimpleDB client requires the following:

  • PHP 5.1.4 or greater (hmac_hash() must be defined)
  • The Curl extension compiled in.

Please consult the README for installation instructions.

You must, of course, be a member of the SimpleDB Beta program to actually be able to use this.

[I’ve rolled out 0.9.2 with a bug fix in it. I’ve actually got a newer version on my hard disk with QueryWithAttributes and sorting support, i just have to finish testing it before uploading]

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Multi-threaded SimpleDB
Posted By: Sebastian Jun 02, 2008 13:27:19

I want to execute multiple GetAttributes in parallel using your library. How could I do so?
Bulk GetAttributes:
Posted By: marcwan Jun 02, 2008 18:16:28
The method you're looking for is "bulkGetAttributes".

$sdb->bulkGetAttributes($domain, array('Item1', 'Item2', ...., 'ItemN'));

You can optionally specify a third parameter saying those attributes whose values you want fetched (instead of -all- of them).

Good Luck!
Data type error line 849?
Posted By: Sebastian Jun 03, 2008 10:34:05
$domain = 'mydomain';
$items = $sdb->query($domain, "['url' != '']");
print_r($items); // prints array( [0] => ['ItemId'] )
$itemattributes = $sdb->bulkGetAttributes($domain, $item);

Results in:

Warning: uksort() [function.uksort]: The argument should be an array in /app/services/SimpleDB.php on line 908
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /app/services/SimpleDB.php on line 1084
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /app/services/SimpleDB.php on line 913
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /app/services/SimpleDB.php on line 1084
Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /app/services/SimpleDB.php on line 849
Warning: (null)(): 5 is not a valid cURL handle resource in Unknown on line 0
Warning: (null)(): 6 is not a valid cURL handle resource in Unknown on line 0
2 Bugs.
Posted By: marcwan Jun 03, 2008 19:56:42

It looks like there are two bugs here:

1. the code you pasted here should be sending "$items" (with an s) to bulkGetAttributes, not "$item" (no s).

2. my code has a bug where if you give us a 'null', i will generate those errors. I will fix that bug, but in the meantime, if you pass the correct variable, you SHOULD see the correct output.

if that was just a typo in your comment, could you instead describe your data set a little bit and i'll see if i can reproduce the problem.

Posted By: Sebastian Jun 03, 2008 21:40:19
Was a typo, rest is correct. You can see below that the $items variable is not null.

print_r($items); //returns Array ( [0] => Sebastian Stadil )

Notice the lack of quotes around the item.
Issue resolved in new version - Great class
Posted By: Sebastian Jun 12, 2008 15:39:29
I've been using this class for over a week now, and it works very well. I recommend using it for SimpleDB, and use Tarzan-aws for all other Amazon Web Services.

Marc, maybe you would be interested in replacing the SimpleDB class in Tarzan-aws with your own code? See here:
Recent Tarzan improvements
Posted By: Ryan Parman Jul 12, 2008 22:46:51
Sebastian and others: The SimpleDB API from Amazon has long supported PUTTING multiple key-value pairs to an item at once. Tarzan's SimpleDB component has supported this for a while. The same is true for GETTING multiple key-value pairs from a single item. It does not yet have a dedicated method for assigning key-value pairs to multiple items/domains at once. Alternatively, most "core" Tarzan methods have an optional parameter that exposes the cURL handle for the request that can be added to a curl_multi_exec() request. Tarzan also has an optional parameter on the query() method that will fetch the results of that query, all using the cURL/MultiCURL-based TarzanHTTPRequest class.

I'm not saying one is better than the other -- both classes appear to share a similar philosophy. I just happen to be the developer of Tarzan, so I'm a bit biased. That and I want Tarzan to be able to grow beyond myself. If you've been interested in Tarzan, but haven't looked lately, take another look.
Bug fix
Posted By: marcwan Feb 08, 2009 18:03:28
Yah, that's it, although I fixed that a while ago. Apparently, however, in my old age, I completely neglected to roll out the fixed version to the server.

Apologies!! 0.9.2 rolled out.

404 Error
Posted By: Tim Feb 11, 2009 11:11:10
Download link gives me a 404 Error. How do I get the src?
Posted By: marcwan Feb 11, 2009 17:33:14

I used .gz, and not .bz2. Fixed! Sorry for the troubles.
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