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Mar 01, 2010 | 02:40:26
China & Tech Reading
By marcwan

I’ve been really busy with my new job here and haven’t been writing as many blog articles as I’d like, but I have still been coming across lots of interesting things I’d like to share with people.

So, I’m going to start an Interesting Reading / Links type of blog post. Almost entirely centred around China and Tech (if not Tech in China). I hope to get back to regular blog-article writing soon.

  • [link] Apple Supplier United Win Technology’s factory in Jiangsu suffers more labour troubles, with 62 workers poisoned by n-hexane
  • [link] Recent government changes to house buying rules that make it harder for foreigners to buy will not affect the local market in Beijing
  • [link] “Research without Google would be like life without electricity,” one Chinese scientist said. What would life without Google in China be like?
  • [link]
    For those of you who continue to doubt, more evidence that MySpace is in terminal decline
  • [link] Americans continue to freak out about China
  • [link] “China’s local governments, which ran up huge debts during the record-breaking lending spree of the past year, are now feeling the pinch as authorities in Beijing tighten credit.”
  • [link] How Chinese football matches are rigged:
  • [link] How ready is the US for cyberattacks? (Hint: not)
  • [link] China is misread by bulls and bears alike
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