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May 24, 2009 | 04:07:08
Just another day in Beijing
By marcwan

On Friday night I was at Nánlúogǔxiàng (南锣鼓巷), when the following conversation took place -

The scene: Me, standing around idly playing a game on my iPhone waiting for some friends to finish browsing in the jewelry store, watching the people strolling past.

Chinese guy (very drunk): Ha-looooooooo!
Me (looking up): ?
Chinese guy (getting closer): Ha-loooooooooo!
Me:  Ha-looo?
Chinese guy (still drunk):  Do... you ... uh ... speak ... Chi-neese?
Me:  Yes.
Chinese guy (pointing): 啊太好啦!麻烦你告诉我那边是南边还是北边?
Me: 南边。那边是北边。
Chinese guy: 哈哈哈!我知道了,必须告诉我的女朋友!
Me (smiling)
Chinese guy: Thaaaaannnnk .... you!
(runs off)

Never a dull moment in this city.

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