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Mar 03, 2007 | 22:26:50
JustLooking 2.0 Preview!
By marcwan

So, after a month or so of active development, I’m almost ready with version 2.0 of JustLooking. I’m just waiting for some localisation help, and then I’ll go ahead with the release. The first releases were quite functional, but pretty ugly, I think. A few users from the internet made some suggestions on how to improve the UI and I have completely redesigned it.

Click for larger version

In addition to a complete update to the user interface, I have added the following new features to version 2.0:

  • Saving of rotated images (JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, BMPs, and TIFFs)
  • Remote Control Support in slide show mode.
  • Image displaying and resizing is muuuuucchhh faster now.
  • Hold down the ‘OPTION’ key on startup goes to full screen slide show.
  • many bug fixes in the code, including some animated GIF problems.

I will spend the next week or so fixing the last couple of bugs in the program and waiting for the last bits of localisation help to come in, and will then release it both on this server and on the BitTorrent networks.

Please feel free to send me your requests for future versions or reports of any bugs or problems you find in the program. I’m thinking the next big features will lie in image resizing and saving of images in different formats.

Good idea
Posted By: marcwan Mar 06, 2007 05:22:17

I'll add that to the list of features for 2.1 ... that's a good idea.

In my largest directory, I have like 11,000 images, so i very rarely go all the way around :-).

To be the best
Posted By: Austin Apr 10, 2007 23:42:05
I'd just like to say this is a promising app and well overdue in the Mac world.

I am finding though that the arrow buttons on my keyboard are not working with the program at all (Powerbook G4 titanium). It might also be convenient to have space bar and backspace as next/last commands.

It would be great to be able to view in fullscreen mode without slideshow; to just use the arrows (or space and backspace)to nav through. I think it could also have the option in fullscreen mode to view actual size or fit to screen.

While I'm being picky, it would be great to have the file name descretely place in the corner of the window while in full screen mode.

If you have a PC check out the mother of all viewers.

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