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Mar 22, 2009 | 03:11:35
Trying to get Twitter - FAIL
By marcwan

I’ve been trying to “get” Twitter for a while now. My business colleague Alex got me to sign up some many moons ago, whereafter I wrote a couple of messages and immediately proceeded to forget about it. With the recent hype surrounding it and how it’s the most awesome important thing ever to hit the Internet (evar) – apart from Facebook – I’ve decided, however, to give it another try.

I’m still failing miserably. I find that I can barely get into Facebook more than a few times a week to see how friends and acquaintances are doing via status messages, and most of that is because of the iPhone client that makes it really easy when I’m stunningly bored in a taxi. I find Twitter even more maddeningly frustrating to sift through.

But I continue to assume that it is I who do not get it, so I keep at it. I read one article asserting that Twitter’s advantage lies in its value as a search engine. So, I started to look through it for things that interest me by conducting a bunch of searches. Apart from the fact that half the queries didn’t work or bring any values back at all, looking for things related to interesting TV shows, nethack, Adwords Advertising, and PHP programming all gave me an avalanche of junk, with only the occasional nugget of interesting value.

Perhaps somebody else can mine this data to produce something more interesting, but right now, add me to the list of people who realise they’re watching something major and important unfold in front of them, and are completely baffled by it.

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