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Ninjas are deadly. Chipmunk Ninjas are just weird.
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Marc Wandschneider is a professional software developer with well over fifteen years of industry experience (yes, he really is that old). He travels the globe working on interesting projects and gives talks at conferences and trade shows whenever possible.

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cncool wrote:

GLint zeroOpacity = 0;
[[self openGLContext] setValues:&zeroOpacity forParameter:NSOpenGLCPS...
Posted to: Things I've learned about CoreImage (and Quartz, and OpenGL) in two weeks
May 29, 2008 | 04:26:16
Why PHP Sucks (Hint: It doesn't)
By marcwan

There seem to be these periodic flare-ups in the blogosphere and community site circuit where some poor programming language ends up being skewered thoroughly by roving gangs of self-righteous programmers. One or two articles will suddenly receive wide circulation listing arguments why language X is clearly a horrible choice for any “real programmer”, and then examples to prove this will inevitably be given: "false" equals true, (++*p1)++[--x] is actually a valid expression, or Begin and End are used instead of { and }. The couple of articles defending the language that inevitably appear will receive long streams of comments vilifying the author for being an idiot, or even worse, a hack. The sad realty of all the hullabaloo, however, is that all of this is ultimately pointless, and typically based on some silly assumptions.

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